KBAS is the true reflection of the woman of today. Colorful, informal, fresh, close, simple, versatile, affordable, cheeky ...

Kbas began its steps in the world of accessories in 1969 with its own manufacture of palm bags.

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After more than 50 years in the sector we have been evolving adapting to new trends in materials, colors and shapes and introducing kurtas, dresses, hats, belts in our catalog

At Kbas we work on the search for formulas that allow satisfying the needs of our clients, because at Kbas we are clear that the client is the engine of our company.

"Proud ofmy bag"

A statement of principles. It represents the insight of our muses. Because like them, our bags are much more than just an appearance.


KBAS has evolved its brand, its language and its personality, leaving its essence intact. Let’s go a bit deeper into the new brand and the new claim. As for the brand, it is a contemporary interpretation of the braiding of the traditional carrycot, represented through three oblique lines, which endow the brand with great freshness and dynamism.

Imagination, joy and a good dose of experience are our fetish materials.

The woman for whom we design changes every day, never ceasing to be the same. A daring, nonconformist, cheerful and essential woman, like our creations. A woman closely linked to the world of clothing, trends and brands.

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